Lectures in Translators Conferences

  • The Craft of Translating Art – ITA Conference 2005, Haifa, IsraelA lecture discussing my experiences working with artists and with the people who write about their art. Texts about art, and that includes articles in various publications, and texts that accompany exhibitions as part of their catalogs, are texts which discuss a specialized subject, but are sometimes almost literary in style. Such projects tend to involve on-going dialogs with the artist, the curator, the writer, as well as with the art itself.
  • Shared and Distributed Online Glossaries – ITA conference 2007, Haifa, IsraelFree online glossary tools. How we can use them, contribute to them, and leverage the networking effect to our own benefit and to the benefit of the translator community. Some of the tools discussed were developed and are maintained by the speaker.
  • Tech Jargon – The Microsoft Way and the Open Source Way – ITA lecture evening, Jan. 2008, Tel Aviv, Israel
    summary Microsoft has been a dominant desktop operating system for quite some time and consequently managed to dictate a lot of jargon to the IT field. Nowadays, open source alternatives are becoming more common on the desktop, and there are several active FOSS localization projects. Some notes and comparisons between the two approaches and their results are discussed.
  • Translating Websites – ITA conference 2010, Jerusalem, Israel.Discussing the entire process of translating websites. Assessing the job, quoting for it, receiving the text and delivering the material. What to look for and what pitfalls to avoid.