About Me

My name is Uri Bruck.

I am a translator and a software developer.
I have over 20 years experience as a Hebrew ↔ English translator.
Having spent some of my formative years in England and the United States, as well as in my native country, Israel, I grew up natively bilingual.
I studied at Beit Berl in English-Hebrew-English Translation Certificate course.

My specialty fields are :

Technical Translations

Over the years I lectured in translator conferences and in developer conferences. a list of my lectures

Some of my translations:
Adobe Software Catalogs – Marketing and technical material for Quicksoft (formerly Adobe resellers in Israel).
Perl Tutorials: – The Perl Maven perl tutorials
Science & Math : translation for the science news site hayadan
Music :
Miyazawa Flutes
“You who dwell in the gardens” (Hayoshevet Baganim) – music by Eyal Bat
“Eyal Speaks” – The composer's words on his music.
“Drora Speaks” – The performer's words on the piece.

Art :
“My Pentateuch”, “The New Testament” – Haim Maor, 1998 (excerpt from catalog “Israel at 50”, Bnai Brith, National Jewish Museum, Washington, USA)
"A Patched Map of Identity” – Galia Bar-Or, 2001 in התרשמויות מפה“Mapressions Loci” exhibition catalog, The Museum of Art, Ein Harod, 2001
"Holes of Land in the Holy Land” – Haim Maor, 2001
in התרשמויות מפה“Mapressions Loci” exhibition catalog, The Museum of Art, Ein Harod, 2001
"The First Cut is the Deepest” – Naomi Aviv, 2002
in לבנות “White Lilies” exhibition catalog, Beit Uri & Rami Nechushtan Museum, Ashdot Ya'acov, Meuhad.
“Are You Happy to Receive Guests? On the Works of Haya Ran”, Anat Getaniu, 1998
“Haim Maor (Moshkovitz) : Art and Life”, Haim Maor, 2007, Talk given by the artist in Poland.
"An Artist of the Holocaust Second Generation” – Dr. Batia Barutin, 2005
In “Haim Maor: The Faces of Race and Memory: Forbidden Library” – MASSUAH, The Institute for Study of the Holocaust.
“Aviva Shemer's Exhibition "Fire to Light Up the Sky” , Amikam Yassour, 2008
The Planning of Construction in the Commune in Socialist Thought, Shabtai Beeri.
Translated for “Kibbutz – Architechture Wthout Precedents” The Israeli Pavilion, 12th International Architecture Exhibition. Venice Biennial, 2010
"My Father, Albert Rubin” – Claude Rubin, published 2010, in “Albert Rubin, Beginnings” exhibition catalog. Ein Harod Museum, Ein Harod.
“Crochet Figures” , Mirjam Bruck-Cohen, Curator's text for the Crochet Figures exhibition.
“Where is Dubnow”, Mirjam Bruck-Cohen, Curator's text for the “Where is Dubnow” exhibition, 2001.
“Our Baskets on our Shoulders”, Mirjam Bruck-Cohen, catalog for “Carrier Carrying Carriage” exhibition
"The Artist and the Philosopher” – Mark Daniel Cohen, 2008.
in “Izhar Patkin – Judenporzelan”, The Open Museum, Teffen.

Captions and article for the Mediterranean Bienale 2017